Getting ready for 8th NY Season performances!

SYREN in "Toward Home" photo: Christopher Duggan

We here at SYREN are excited to be in rehearsals for our upcoming New York Season!
Lots of work getting the pieces up and running! We are presenting “Toward Home” (music by Damon Ferrante), “Dolce” (Grieg) and “the last of the leaves” (Adams) in performances at Baryshnikov Arts Center March 29-April 3!

Toward Home photo: Christopher Duggan

Toward Home photos: Christopher Duggan

We have some new company members so we are busy teaching LOADS of material to them and refining things as we go.
All the musicians are getting ready and we are getting that itch to hear it all live again!
super exciting all around!! Costumes being made, musicians rehearsing, press releases going out, postcards hot off the press…It’s almost showtime!! I will definitely start posting some rehearsal shots and keep everyone in the loop as we approach the shows!! And as always, we definitely create an online discount for fellow winger readers!!


  1. bill

    Great to see that Syren is prospering - congrats.

    Feb 15, 2011 @ 22:41

  2. jeev Trika

    wow.. great dance.. keep it up

    Apr 01, 2011 @ 14:50



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