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AIDS Walk 2010

When I was living in Germany it was very hard to become involved in any type of community work due to the fact that I didn’t speak the language.  I often saw the Hamburg Ballet involving itself in work that supported important causes, and it was something I didn’t want to forget.  I remember sitting in my room during one of those dark winter days when I came across an article on the AIDS Walk in San Francisco. I told myself that not only would I endeavor to participate in this important and good cause, but that if they weren’t already involved, I would get my company to participate too.  Having an opportunity to be a part of something that is greater than you is an amazing experience, and that is what the AIDS Walk represents to me.

Last year I approached SFB with the idea of getting the company involved in the walk.  It had been done before, but to my knowledge it had never been initiated by a dancer.  I didn’t want people to just hand me money in the name of the cause (although that is a very important part of fundraising), I wanted people to truly get involved.  I wanted the community to see that SFB is a company that sees the problems the world is facing, and wants to be an active part in helping to overcome them.  I wanted people to understand that our work as a company offstage can be as revolutionary as the important work we do onstage.  I was thrilled to quickly learn that many people in the company were just as excited as I was about joining the AIDS Walk.  I was simply a girl who came in with an idea, but the San Francisco Ballet Team did all the hard work.  Our HR team was quick to take over the many areas that I had no idea how to handle; I’m so grateful for all of the generosity that they showed.  In the end the San Francisco Ballet Team was a complete success in the AIDS Walk of 2010, and many people in the company got involved: dancers and non-dancers alike.

One of the most important dancers to join the SFB Team last year was Garen Scribner.  I’m happy to report that he is leading the way to this year’s AIDS Walk in many ways – so far he has already raised $1,800! Not only is he leading the way in fund raising, but he and our HR Coordinator Kate Schroeder are working hard to organize everything for this year’s team.

Now that you have heard a little background it is time to get to work!  We want to raise as much awareness as possible, so please take a moment and visit the AIDS Walk SF website by CLICKING HERE.

Once you are signed up it’s time to start fund raising!  Even a simple post on Facebook about your fund raising goals can make a difference.  Every dollar counts!

The physical walk itself will talk place on July 17th.  I hope to see you all there!


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    Jul 09, 2011 @ 02:06



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