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I wanted to give a shout out to my kids in Savannah who started me back on my right path and who were there from the beginning with me in Savannah.

I have been in Charlotte, NC for about a month now after giving my studio in Savannah up to do a little growing and finding some “more” myself. It has been a little crazy since my living situation is still up in the air, I haven’t unpacked really and haven’t sent my students the letters I intended to as of yet. Anyhow I am here and it has been…interesting. I have been offered to take a “combo” class for advanced adults,you know-a little ballet, a little jazz, a little..haha,  many teaching jobs but maybe not the kind of job I am exactly suited for, given my strong ideals. It has also been mentioned to me that I may not teach wherever I want-I should sign a “non-compete clause”. Well I say to those who have presented themselves, that I will not. I mean, I will do what I want and not be controlled as always.  I will drive the car, the car will not drive me.

I have spent a nice amount of time at North Carolina Dance Theatre where my daughter is taking class and I got to visit with my student Emmaline Turner. Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux and Ayisha Macmillan have been so welcoming to me.  What a great place, supportive and nurturing of those dancers who need it.

Most of all, it has been a good thing spending time with my own children transitioning in a new place where the ocean isn’t so close by.
It wasn’t an easy decision to move for me, but the decision was made and so it goes. I have never been afraid of change and I think it is going to be a good adventure for me. With that said-adventure I will.
I have a lingering need to thank some very special kids who made me remember who I am and who I will always be.  I teach, I don’t teach with any agenda, I just teach those who want it, the ones who were so like me who needed someone else to know that one person got it.  I did. I got  it you guys. And also, so importantly to Kristin, thank you too:)alstonyagp2011

Those kids are Bonnie Henneman, Caitlin Dutton, Angela Novelli, Skye Cornwell, and Isabel and Alston Macgill. Without you guys I may have forgotten what I was supposed to do. I have not forgotten and THANK YOU. So this is my shout out to you. I look forward to seeing you change the world as we know it and I will help try to do that too.






  1. Angela

    Ms. V, we love you too! We wouldn’t be the people or the dancers we are today without you. So thank you, too. We all miss you and continue to send hope and love your way. Good luck still on everything in NC. “Dance or DIE!”

    Jul 20, 2011 @ 12:22

  2. David

    Thank you for posting. I enjoy your posts and your bio.

    Jul 26, 2011 @ 13:37



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